Filter and Panel Adhesives

General purpose adhesives

Type NameApplication Attributes
PU ENCAP HF Cabin air HEPA filtersGeneral Purpose PU adhesive
PU ENCAST 1126PU Panel air Filters General Purpose PU adhesive

Specialty grade/application adhesives

Type NameApplication Attributes
EpoxyEnbond 203All purpose adhesiveHigh strength, general purpose Epoxy adhesive
EpoxyEnbond 204All purpose adhesiveHigh strength, unfilled, 1:1 v/v general purpose Epoxy adhesive
PU ENCAST 1117 Industrial air filter, Turbine filtersCan be used upto 100OC, high strength,low viscosity PU adhesive
PU ENCAST 1118 Air/HEPA filtersShort gel time, faster curing PU adhesive.
PU ENCAST 1120Air/HEPA filtersHigh viscosity, non sagging PU putty-type adhesive
PU ENCAST FT 1139Air/HEPA and Panel filtersLow viscosity PU adhesive
PU ENCAST FT 1143Air-oil separator and water filtration unitsHigh strength, stable upto 170OC PU adhesive
PU ENCAST F Air filter Adhesive used with synthetic filtration media, room temperature curing; foam type PU adhesive
EpoxyEnbond 202Panel adhesiveHigh strength, stable upto 180OC Epoxy adhesive

Flame retardant grades (Approved or conforming)

Type NameApplication Attributes
PU Enbond FR 3052Air/HEPA filtersConforming to UL FR 94 VO at 5mm, PU adhesive