Electrical and Electronic Insulation Resins

  • Encapsulation of PCB’s to arrest effects of vibrations & protect the PCB

  • As cable-jointing compounds

  • In auto-electronic components (flashers, Cdi units, ignition coils) for insulation.

  • In AC/DC capacitors as insulation and encapsulation compounds

  • Insulation of LED drivers

  • Insulation resins as castings of low & medium voltage current transformers, instrument transformers & toroidal transformers.

  • Castings in High voltage (upto 11KVA) rating transformers.

  • Castings of lighting transformers & 3 phase transformers.

General purpose compounds

Type NameApplication Attributes
PU ENFILInsulation resin for AC Capacitors General purpose resin
PU ENFIL LFLow voltage AC capacitors, Cable jointing compoundsHigh viscosity, low cost resin
PU ENCAST 1131LT power capacitors Medium viscosity PU system
PU ENCAP PCPCB Encapsulation Transparent, Unfilled PU system
Epoxy EPOCAST 3123 Automobile Electronic components General purpose epoxy resin system.

Specialty grade/ application compounds

Type NameApplication Attributes
PU ENFIL HFIgnition coils, Cdi units Stable from -20 to 130OC, flexible PU system.
PU ENCAP CJCAutomobile Electronic components High viscosity resin, thermally conductive, stable upto -135OC
PU ENCAST H1136Low & medium voltage CT PU system, Hardness Shore D 80, can be used up to 140oC
PU ENCAST ECO FRHigh KVA castings, toroidal transformers Excellent CTI, conforming to UL FR 94 V0 grade at 3mm, Halogen and Antimony free PU system
PU EPOCAST 3117Low & medium voltage CT Thermally conductive, RT curing Epoxy system
PU EPOCAST 3124 PCB mounted transformers, Automotive components Low viscosity general purpose epoxy system

Flame retardant grades (Approved or conforming)

Type NameApplication Attributes
PU ENCAST 100UL approved AC capacitors UL FR 94 V0 grade PU resin at 3mm
PU ENCAST 1115Power factor correction capacitors Single component gel type potting system
PU ENCAST H1132Low voltage CT & PT PU system, Hardness Shore D 75
Epoxy EPOCAST 3126DC Capacitors High temperature curing epoxy system
Epoxy EPOCAST 3129AC motor run capacitors UL FR 94 V0 grade epoxy resin at 5mm
Epoxy EPOCAST 3146DC Capacitors Epoxy system, conforming to UL FR 94 V0 norms; at 1.6mm. RT curing, good surface finish