• Safe and clean working environment, with proper ventilation

  • Stainless steel Reactor vessels and pipelines

  • Liquid RM metering using flow meters, verified by load cells

  • Installed Capacity of 8500 TPA

  • Multi level – rack storage for materials

  • Automated packing stations for cleaner material handling.

  • Well Ventilated & Organized Storage Facility

  • Designated pumping stations for clean and efficient RM handling

  • Spacious, multi level Production area

  • Efficient & modern Material handling systems

  • Flameproof Electrical Fittings

  • Separate storages for powdered materials & flammable materials

  • Electronically controlled & monitored production equipments


  • Well ventilated and well-spaced layout.

  • Flame proof electrical fittings.

  • Heating using a thermic fluid heater

  • Structural beams and columns cladded with fire-resistant cladding

  • Semi-automated rm handling using flow meters, barrel pumps and gear pumps for rm loading.


  • 3- level production floor, for better space management and ventilation.

  • Insulated reactor vessels, with provision for polymeric reactions.

  • Limpet coiled vessels with heating and cooling arrangements; along with temperature and pressure controllers.

  • 3-way valves for temperature control, installed in the TFH line.

  • Separate section for pilot scale reactors, for aiding development from lab scale to production scale.


Well equipped lab for product development, troubleshooting and product modification as per customer requirements.

Instrumentation and QC/QA lab for testing and analysis. 24 hrs. QC for online support to production activities

Separate section with 1 and 2 lit. lab scale reactor vessel simulations for product development and product trials.


  • Multi-level racked storage, with specially designed pallets and cages based of packing type.


  • Separate stores for RM’s and FG, with an external stores for flammable RM’s.


  • Material handling done using electric stackers and dock levellers for vehicle loading/unloading.